We support comprehensive product planning and development from signboard menus to side menus.

  • Bring out the charm of ingredients
  • Add unique value to materials buried in rural areas
  • Increasing the market value of materials
  • Development of attractive signboard products for restaurants, etc.

Flow from request to proposal

1. Please tell us what you want.

Please feel free to contact us by phone, such as the situation you are having trouble with or the content of your consultation.

2. Hearing about the concept and theme of the store and what you want

We will hear about your request. If necessary, we will adjust the proposal method and meetings.

3. Estimate about your desired content

We will give you an estimate of the proposal according to your budget and according to your request.

4. Formal request

After receiving a formal request, we will start the proposal and the actual work.
If you have a store, we will visit the site if necessary, talk to you directly, and make suggestions for improvement.

5. Delivery

If necessary, we will also provide follow-up support after the introduction.

Main career

  • 2020 Business Kanazawa City Tourism Division Food Barrier-Free Map Consignment Business
  • 2019-Present “るみえ~る” Secretary-General
  • 2020 Business Kanazawa City Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Division Vegan and vegetarian cooking class instructors using Kaga vegetables
  • 2020 project Kanazawa City foreign language notation guideline establishment committee